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Some stuff you think you are right while telling them, but the fact is, you are terribly mistaken. You were hurting your joints and you should stop it now.

Go spread some good tips, something your friends will thank you about when they find out that you were right. Read the following common myths carefully and correct your info now!

 Half squats are better for your knees

half squats

Squats are a motion like any other motion you need to perform it within the joint/muscle full range of motion for best results.

Recent studies also revealed that the half range is the most position where you put too much stress upon your knees & patellar ligaments, though you should not pause at to change the direction from downwards to upwards.

The good rep is when your hips is below your knees level

Another simple tip for your squats:

Put your legs within a shoulder width and take 3 stationary steps. Now, this is exactly where your feet should stand during squats. You don’t have to rotate them anyhow; they don’t have to be symmetrical or positioned somehow. This is your normal stance and this is how you should squat.

Machines are much safer than free weights

free weights

If the Medium sized t-shirt fits you. You will never have the perfect fitting in Medium sized among all the brands, Right?

Then not all the machines brands fit your body. What if you have a slight difference between your shoulder heights which is very common! Then the machine would fit your right shoulder more than your left!

Free weights give your joint a free arc to execute a safer range of motion rather than a fixed forced one designed generically by a machine.

So go for free weights!

 Barbell must touch your chest during chest press

barbell chest press

In my opinion – except the power lifters for sure – , you should eliminate barbell bench press from your chest day.

Because of the following reasons:

1- The main goal of a chest exercise (movement-wise) should be to bring the arms from a position of: out-to-the-sides… then forward and inward – toward the center of the body. Which never happens during barbell chest press

2- If you went through a full range from starting upward and end up while barbell touches your chest, though you put too much stress on your shoulders & most of this range is not even related to your Pectorals.

Then, the safer range is to start with your arms parallel to the ground then down till the bar touches your chest. The range of motion is even shorter now and the exercise did not achieve a pectorals contraction at all.

3- Based on recent studies, most of shoulder injuries came from inclined, flat & declined barbell chest press. Because simply you shouldn’t execute a shoulder motion, pressing weights, while your scapular mobility are eliminated & stuck to a bench. Which causes a scapular-shoulder dyskinesia or dysfunction

The best exercise for your chest is any motion that allows you to bring your hands close together in front of your body like, Supine (flat bench) Dumbbell Presses – Incline Dumbbell Presses – Decline Dumbbell Presses – Cable Crossovers (standing / bent over) – Incline (bench) Cable Crossovers – Cable Crossover on a Flat Bench – Butterfly Machine

Ultrasound, laser, electrotherapy, this is what physiotherapy is!


This is the most wrong myth somebody can tell you! We studied around 200 Hours for 5 years with only 2 Hours about electrotherapy!

Ultrasound, although it is useful for some patients sometimes, it is not a reliable or evidence-based therapy, and enjoys far more credibility than it deserves. Recently I rarely use it at my clinic. And I do not like the principle of using magic machines to treat.

Physical Therapy is to examine, diagnose and provide a plan of treatment contains exercises, mobility and manual modalities/techniques not only to decrease the pain but to treat the root behind the injury!

Physiotherapist graduates from Medicine school then he specializes in physical therapy


This is not true. It’s a separated school like dental & pharmacy schools with a five years study. And it graduates a bachelor degree holder in Physical Therapy.

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