True Fit Fitness Studio, where you don’t ask how many kilos I lost this week


During any chat with your friends, if fitness and gym time topic was raised, you would definitely find phrases like “I don’t have time.”, “My time is dedicated to the kids’ exercises schedule.” But what if you’re making it the wrong way. What if your kids wouldn’t be healthy and fit if you didn’t start with yourself?! This is the belief of True Fit Fitness studio team that they are trying to spread among their clients.

TrueFit Studio

True Fit Fitness Studio is a fitness studio for all ages that offers a wide range of classes like TRX, Zumba, Rope Jumping, Kickboxing, Belly dancing, Hip Hop for kids, Bootybarre and other types of aerobics classes, etc. True Fit Fitness Studio understands the common obstacles that might face any new client approaching their studio. They don’t know what to choose and they need some encouragement to continue.

That’s why True Fit Fitness Studio offers a free trial class for any new member so they can try the class before being committed to. Moreover, they have an aerobics package that includes all types of classes such as TRX and Kickboxing.


You won’t find a weight scale in True Fit Fitness Studio as they don’t believe that weight is an expressive measurement and that many people get frustrated when they check their weight after a month of working out to find that they gained weight and they don’t pay attention that this is because of the muscles they gained. That’s why True Fit Fitness Studio instructors always advise their clients not to take losing weight as their goal as it’s not a long term goal to depend on, but to come to get fit and healthy, get positive energy, have time for themselves, mingle and socialize with other members to encourage each other and of course to get in shape.


Some time in fitness classes, not the ordinary ones

True Fit Fitness Studio is distinguished with its uncommon classes like Rope Jumping, Kickboxing and very specialized in TRX.

  • TRX class

TrueFit Studio

It’s one of the rare classes in Egypt, yet one of the best fitness choices and runs by experienced and certified instructors that are very rare in Egypt. What differentiates TRX class is that it’s very safe for the joints which are very common to get injured during exercising. Moreover, it tones the whole body and burns about 400-600 calories in one class.

  • Rope Jumping class

TrueFit Studio

This is not a class to just read or hear about. That’s why True Fit Fitness Studio team is always keen to let people come and try the class before they apply for it. They believe that people in Egypt aren’t familiar with the idea itself and don’t get that it’s a total fitness one which you can join even if you don’t know the technique of jumping a rope. This class is a cardio focus one that boosts the metabolism which improves endurance and enhances breathing in daily life. It mixes adults and kids together which means that you can work out with your kid in the same class and have some quality time together. During the class the instructor works with every attendee one to one until she gets the move. The instructor keeps on giving detailed instructions for creating mixes ups. Finally, all attendee (kids & adults) participate in doing moves together which makes it a more fun and bonding class for everyone.

  • Kick Boxing class

TrueFit Studio

In True Fit Fitness Studio, the kick boxing classes are run by experienced instructors. The kick boxing classes includes: kids class, teens classes, ladies’ classes and very soon Men’s classes will take place. Because not many people might get interested to enroll in such classes at the beginning, True Fit Fitness Studio offers a privilege for members who take the aerobics package to have the Kickboxing classes for free so they can try and find what they like.

Whether you love to work out in a private closed class, or an outdoor area, you can have this in True Fit Fitness studio as they are starting some outdoor classes very soon. Whether you want to have some time for yourself or have some quality time with your kids, you will find what you want there. Go visit the studio where you will find guidance in a motivational friendly atmosphere that will smash your excuse of “I don’t have time, I have to drop the kids at the swimming training.”


Instagram: truefitstudio

Facebook: True Fit Fitness Studio

Address Inside Family Park, New Cairo, Egypt
Telephone 01212993312/01021155205


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