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TRX: Total-Body Resistance Exercise

Suspension training involves physical strength while using dynamic activities. Using TRX Suspension System while working out allows for some movements we usually perform as we live. Muscle mass increases steadily, which limits injury risks and enhances our performance.


TRX is composed of two fixed straps of adjustable length with handles for hands or feet. A Typical Trx workout is carried out that way:

One part of the body is on the pad (which is usually placed on the ground) and the second one is suspended on TRX.

TRX is portable and considered as a cost-effective Fitness gadget, that brings more functionality and actual results than large and expensive machines.



  • Results in fast, effective total-body workout
  • Helps build your core
  • Enhances muscular endurance
  • Helps people of all fitness levels from professional athletes to beginners
  • Can be used anywhere

Using your own bodyweight, the TRX Suspension Trainer provides efficiency than most large exercise machines costing thousands of pounds.

With TRX you can exercise anywhere


Also with TRX you can exercise anywhere, either at home or at the gym.. So if you don’t have enough time to head to the gym, you can train at home without wasting your time and energy.

Efficiency of the TRX Workout

A group of people doing suspension training at the gym.

With TRX you don’t have to use another set of dumbbells or add greater weight on an exercise machine. You simply change the position of your feet. It still allows you to perform your demanding training.


 How was TRX developed?


TRX was originally developed like a versatile system providing full-body strengthening even in extreme conditions by military and special forces in the Navy SEALs.

As soldiers were spending most of their time on ships or in submarines, they were forced to train in small spaces with a limited variety of training gear. In short time period they laid foundations of a training, which provided entirely new and original category of functional training.

Where can you find it?

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