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Farah Nofal is a ray of sunshine that brightens your day currently in an 11:00 am morning class in Telal at the Eden Wellness Center. Midway through her classes, it’s about setting small challenges and knocking them one by one. It’s truly gratifying! This is refreshing in teaching us that we can overcome any obstacles that we face in life.

We can find that balance both literally and metaphorically. Not only by balancing our overall Chi but also our Yin-Yang duality energy within us. Whatever that was weighing us down and felt like heavy burdens no longer feel that way. We get out of class feeling calmer because we burnt off any crazy anxiety we walked in with.

Little by little you start getting spiritual downloads that transform your soul turning you into a new you with each class you do. In a Type A non-stop moving all about the cash-flow world learning to sit still in silence is a slow death. It’s not just about physically feeling lighter but mentally as well. Feels like floating on a feather.

A transformative experience; a rebirth! Lesson learned here is that the only difference between go-getters, successful people and unsuccessful people are that they just do it. They are no more qualified than you they just went out and got their goals done.

How and when did Yoga come into your life?

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Fara Nofal: Yoga came into my life 3 years ago when I injured my spine, lower back, while lifting.

How has Yoga impacted your life?

F.N: In a nutshell, it transformed me completely and still continues to do so. Physically, it changed my strength and posture, movement, balance and fluidity.

Yoga miraculously healed my back injury! In turn, I fell in love with it and wanted to share it with the world.

As for the mental and emotional side, it opened my heart and mind bringing inner peace and compassion towards both.

The kind of peace that makes you feel and learn the meaning of contentment.

Who were your most influential Yoga trainers?

F.N: Dr.Ganesh Gao and Mathieu Boldron.

What’s the difference between Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga?

F.N: Hatha is the traditional type of Yoga, where you learn the Asanas and Postures and their benefits along with proper alignment.

Vinyasa is more of a flow, its free and beautiful, you still have your postures and alignment. However, it includes fluidity as well which makes it all the more beautiful.

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As for Yin, it’s just something else! I learnt to love Yin and want to teach it after a while of being in my practice.

It’s so beautifully complex that you need to unravel other forms of yoga to fully grasp its true magic! I see it as the missing piece to my Yang puzzle.

And why did you choose those three specifically as opposed to other forms of Yoga?

F.N: As I believe they complement each other perfectly.

Besides Passion for Life what do you want people to learn from Yoga?

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F.N: Contentment, Detachment and Inner Peace.

You have a nutrition plan so what are your lazy hacks, go to meals to help us out?

F.N: Unprocessed food. Don’t eat anything with more than three ingredients.

Farah Nofal, the modern healer! She truly understands the true magic of time making her land on forever. Her class is a gift about learning the significance of time and mental clarity. When I’m in her morning class I literally feel super Zen and my frequency went way higher because I can think and plan ahead just by breathing it changes my mood and thought pattern.


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