Up-close and Personal with Pole Theatre 2019 Winner Alia Aziz

Alia Aziz Pole Dancing

After her win in both Category Drama and Overall at the Pole Theatre Egypt competition this May, Alia Aziz gives us a closer look into her background and journey. 

The 24 year old first got into pole dancing almost 5 years ago when she was still a mass communication student in university. She tried a class with a couple of friends and little did she know that this one class was about to change her life.

Alia Aziz Pole Dance

Class after the other, Alia was becoming more and more wrapped up in the world of pole dancing until she finally decides to compete in Pole Theatre Egypt 2018. It took her 5 months of preparation and endless training. She was so happy and excited by the experience, yet she unfortunately came out with no titles that year. The decision to compete again in Pole Theatre Egypt 2019 wasn’t an easy one for her, given how exhausting her last experience was. Luckily though, Alia took the leap and sent her application right at the deadline after the third extension: best decision she ever made.

The 2 months of training were everything she could’ve hoped for and she got to share this amazing experience with her contemporary dancer best friend who choreographed her routine and shared the stage with her during the competition.

The semi pro pole theatre dancer got so much recognition and praise after her win. Surrounded by the unwavering support of her parents, Alia is always motivated to push harder. Her students and professional pole dancers play a huge part in her life as well. She says they are what keep her inspired.

Alia is now a pole dance and flexibility instructor at Spin Away Studio, trains every day, and has huge plans for the future. Aspiring to take courses and do instructor training in Europe and to compete worldwide, she is letting her passion for pole dance guide her through.

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