Veganism in Egypt in A Nutshell

Veganizm in Egypt

What is veganism?

Pretty much vegetarian plus. Vegetarians don’t eat any poultry, meat or fish. Vegans, besides being vegetarian, do not consume or use any other animal products or by-products like eggs, dairy, honey, , fur, leather, silk, wool, soaps and beauty products made from any animal products.

Why be vegan?

Vegan Food Egypt

The reasons are plenty, and they range from health to ethical reasons. Many vegans choose this lifestyle to help animals in a sense of responsibility and humanity, to lose weight, improve their health, indulge in delicious vegan food, and save the planet as meat is not environmentally friendly.

Vegan nutrition

Vegan Food Egypt

Plant-based diet covers all body needs. From vitamins to fibers to proteins, it’s all there. Vegan athletes can up their muscles with protein rich tofu, soymilk, beans and lentils. Fats from avocados and nut butters are delicious and the best kind your body needs. There’s also a good share of calcium in rice and soy milk, kale, orange juice and tahini. The list of nutrition goes on…

The Egyptian Vegan Community

Veganism is not a new concept in Egypt, a fair share of the population already follows this diet for religious or health reasons. Not so few people in Egypt need a plant-based diet to avoid digestive, intolerances, or other health complications. Egyptians do eat plant-based meals often, and that makes it easier than we think to follow a vegan diet. Remember foul? Falafel? Koshary? Spinach? cooked beans? Rice? Mushroom soup? Tomato soup?

Most houses/restaurants have something for vegans, but because the Egyptian vegan community now exists in Egypt, despite being a minority, there are more restaurants opening up around serving exclusively vegan courses. There are Facebook and other social media groups available for Vegans in Egypt, once someplace opens up, the word spreads like a virus! Who can blame them? We all want new recipes and delicious food! Here are some vegan places in Egypt you can drop by for some treats besides the all vegan Sincerely V in the heart of Cairo, Maadi:

  • Vegan in our house (Maadi) (Vegan, International, Organic, Juice bar)
  • El Tahrir ( Koshary)
  • Osana wholefood café ( Maadi) (Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Juice bar)
  • Be good to you ( Katameya heights)
  • Eatery ( CFC mall)

V Groceries

Vegan Food Egypt

Good thing about shopping vegan is the richness of fruits, veggies, and plants. Biolife vegan cheese, and plant-based milks are also widely available in all big groceries stores/supermarkets, like gourmet, Seoudi, Carrefour, Oscar, and others. Tofu can be found in some of these shops as well. The downside however is that there are no vegan yoghurt or supplements options so far.

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