Wael Abdelwahab Olympia 2021’s Fit Architect

Wael Abdelwahab Body Building

“A champion is someone who gets up when they can’t.”

Winner of men’s physique Olympia amateur Egypt 2021, Online personal coach, and architect Wael Abdelwahab is out to change people’s lives and the concept of the bodybuilding sport! The 25 years old athlete used to practice swimming and kickboxing for years before diving in the world of bodybuilding. Wael is utterly passionate about fitness and sports and he believes they both keep you humble and grounded. Let’s get to know our warrior a bit more!

The Making

Wael Abdelwahab Body Building

“I remember, nothing was easy, but I’ve decided to take every step nonetheless, it was a matter of choice. I don’t believe I was operating by own strength at all, I know for every attempt I took, God granted me strength I didn’t even know I’d have. Every time I fell, I got back up, and maybe that persistence and determination is rewarded by a divine force of strength and victory after victory, no matter the size.

I use to prepare for championships when I was still studying architecture, my attention and time at that period was divided. Throughout this time, I learned more about my own body, and I gained experience from every competition I didn’t rank 1st in. None of them were a loss, I gained information, stage pose, experience, and training for the next competition, that to me was absolute value.”

“Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there.”

Inevitable falls

Wael Abdelwahab Body Building

“After I graduated, I was keen on focusing on working towards a competition and investing all my time in its preparation. I started working out without knowing any set competition dates yet, but I had to get back on track, and come back, even harder. Amidst the process I had to undergo a surgery and 10 days post-operation I jumped back in to the training. 2 months later, my mother was really ill and had to perform a serious surgery. It went well, but recovery demands and takes time.  

I was working out feeling really depressed and downhearted because my mother is the closest person to me, and her pain, ached my soul. When she recovered, my progress and mood altogether improved. In the last 2 years of studying, my coach and good friends of mine grew apart, I started to reconnect and surround myself with them again, I needed their presence and support more than ever. Especially my coach’s.”

The Will Finds a Way

Wael Abdelwahab Body Building

“When I proposed the idea of participating in Olympia amateur Egypt 2021 to my coach, he told me there are only 6 months left, and I need not less than a year to start building muscles to win. Despite the respectable point of view that it’s impossible to win 1st place and compete with people training for a year or more, his words saddened me. As I listened to his argument, I had two voices at the back of my mind “I’m a champion.” and I can do this.”. I listened to everything he had to say, internally refusing to give up on my goal and belief.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

It was firm that my coach was convinced I could not do it, so I chose to walk the road without him. I got a great deal of support from my friend Hassan Karamany, who’s been there every step of the way. Hassan was my neighbor and friend for a long time, we were always there pushing each other, motivating each other, and believing in each other. He was certain I would win 1st place, and that was probably everything I needed at that time, to know there are people who believe in me, and those who lift me up, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Then You Stand

Wael Abdelwahab Body Building

“Throughout my preparation I took on only I few clients to work with and coach”.

It would seem like I’ve guided them through their personal transformation, but behind the scenes, each and everyone of them became dear to my heart, friends and supporters. They all added their own kind of impact on my life and process, I wouldn’t have made it to the stairstep of the stage without them. They were pushing me beyond my limits, and making me challenge my own self, in many different ways.

I owe my family and friends indescribably; they’ve been nothing but patient and understanding. They’ve taken care of helping me fix my schedule, nutrition, and training. The person I am today is the result of bits and pieces of endless love and support from all these people, a thank you won’t ever do, but I’m infinitely grateful.”

Mind to body

Wael Abdelwahab Body Building

Wael’s goal besides and beyond winning the gold medal, is to always be blessed and surrounded by his people, the ones who lift him up, and the ones he’ll stop at nothing to lift up!

“I want to be a champion, and leave my mark in bodybuilding. I want to clarify to everyone that this sport is more than just muscles. The most important thing is to be mentally well, and to avoid steroids, which change more than just the shape of your body.

 I want to change the concept of the sport. What got me here today is nothing but mental strength, and I want to guide people as they change their lives and lifestyles, because constructing a life-style is not like meeting a temporary goal! I want everyone to experience the bliss of being humbled and grounded and mentally strong through fitness!”

“The mind is the hardest aspect to convince when you are proposing the idea of change. It is a hard process indeed, but once you got the
mind convinced and saying, “Yea, you know what. That change thing you were talking about. Sounds like a pretty good idea,” then you can move forward to thenext physical step of change. Literally, GET OFF THE COUCH AND STEP OUTSIDE.”

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