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With rising generations and trends, functional training takes a spotlight. These workouts are what we need to improve our daily-life tasks, both simple and difficult. Read along to get a glimpse of what functional training is all about, and where Warehouse comes in!

The purpose of functional training 

Functional training is an activity beyond a typical workout. Function means purpose, that’s why functional training is basically an exercise that has a purpose. Functional training is fixated on movement patterns that have an idea, like getting better at doing everyday activities including squatting to pick something up, pulling a door, or even practicing to play a professional sport.


WareHouse Sodic

Warehouse is a new functional strength & conditioning training facility located at Club S Allegria, SODIC, Sheikh Zayed.  Warehouse offers the following Group Classes:


Cardio interval training. A class involving utilising your own body weight  & using light weights to tone your body. It’s a calories burner class!


WareHouse Sodic

Velocity is a metabolic resistance training, it helps develop a strong, lean & functional body incorporating cross lifting from CrossFit, strongman, weightlifting & cardio.

Strength & Conditioning

A weight-based class to bulletproof your body against any injuries, focusing on basic movements that make your body stronger.

Weight Lifting

WareHouse Sodic

This class is all about using barbells & Olympic lifting techniques to build a strong body focusing on form & movement to improve your lifts.

Personal Training

Warehouse Sodic

This option offers customized & tailored programs based on each individual’s physical and nutritional needs.

Train with international Professionals

Warehouse Sodic Club S

Warehouse is bringing you unique and innovative classes, held by international & professional rugby player coming through, all the way from the UK. Netani Talei, Head Coach at Warehouse, played in 3 rugby world cups and was rated one of the top 10 rugby players in Europe in 2012.

SORINEX Equipment

For the first time in the Middle East, Warehouse is bringing you SORINEX equipment, the most sought after strength brand, designed for professional team players. SORINEX is used by the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, New England Patriots & the USA Military Base.

WareHouse Sodic

If you’re in for a new fitness experience & a delightful atmosphere, join Warehouse!
For more info, check them out on Instagram.

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