Warning! Pole dancing can cause addiction!

If you tried pole dancing and you started experiencing any of the below behaviors, watch out! You are getting addicted to pole.

1- ASPD- Anti-Social Pole Behavior


This is usually the first sign of addiction. It occurs when a pole dancer starts avoiding social events and finding excuses to pole. At first they are honest about it “Sorry, I have a class tonight” but soon it becomes “I have to work late” or “I am not feeling good to go out”.

2- Narcissism 

Pole Fit Dancing

Led by the amusement of finally having a toned body, most pole dancers will develop symptoms that include; watching your abs in the mirror, taking progress selfies of your 6 packs and checking your own ass………….etc. It’s not something to be proud of.

3- Bi-pole-r Behavior 


PMSing symptoms after a short period of time without pole practice might be a sign of Bi-pole-r Behavior. Book a class as soon as possible. You will feel better after a couple of spins.

4- Pollucinations


This affects most pole dancers. It will generally cause them to see poles everywhere and everything around them becomes a reason to hang and take a picture. The umbrella, the flagpole, monkey bars, lamppost, swings etc.. It’s also very common to do handstands, bridges and splits in whatever location that has an awesome background.

5- Compulsive Pole Wear Shopper


Pole wear is usually small and brutally expensive. The compulsive pole shopper usually loses track of finances and might even starve herself to either fit or pay for a specific pole wear item. This is the latest stage of addiction.

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