What NOT to eat or drink for suhoor

Suhoor Tips

Almost all of us know the good things that should be included in our Suhoor. However, not many people are aware of the things that shouldn’t be included. That’s why most of us feel thirsty or hungry by the time they wake up. It happens, right? Now let’s talk about what NOT to eat or drink for suhoor.


Pastries contain lots and lots of calories which will make you feel lazy and unproductive the next morning.

Tea and Coffee


Caffeinated drinks will only lead to insomnia and restlessness, plus you’ll feel thirstier the following day.


Sugar and sugary products

Sugary food gets digested easily which increases sugar levels in your blood. This can leave you hungry quicker.

Very salty products



Salty food like pickles will result in an imbalance of your sodium levels which will leave you thirsty the next day.

White bread

white bread

White breads are made from white flour, which is processed and stripped of the nutrition that should be in bread.

Fruit juice

The juice of a fruit, without the natural fibers that come with eating the whole fruit, is filled with sugar that might cause an imbalance to blood sugar levels.

Deep fried food

deep fried


we all know that fried food is very unhealthy. other than this, eating fried food for suhoor can leave thirsty the next day.

It’s not too late. Make the last week of fasting lighter.


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