What She Wants Other Than A Chiseled Six-pack?

What She Wants Other Than A Chiseled Six-pack

You head to the gym with the sole purpose of sculpting a well-defined abs. I need to stop you for a moment and ask yourself a question; is it the only thing that attracts her attention? Those six if not eight packs is sure something that most women care for, but actually there are many other things you need to focus on while working out in order to turn her head.

How About Powerful Forearms?

They see strong forearms and they forget the reason why they were born! They think you can build a house, fix anything, and most importantly carry her with one arm which makes her feel good about her weight.



A Nice Butt

Guess what? Women check your butt too. It’s a sign for them that you are healthy. No woman wants a man who can barely get his ass off the couch, or gets tired of the least exerted effort.


A Broad Back

You’re her back how come you can’t be broad? The broader your back is, the more attracted she is to you.



Strong Calves

Have you ever thought that your calves could be center of some woman’s attention? When they look down there they want to find something that indicates power and fitness. Well weak thin calves can never show that.


A Big Chest



Just like the back thing. The bigger your chest, the more you will catch their eyes. Women cherish your chest as much as you treasure theirs.

Now you know it’s not all about the abs; so while paying your next visit to the gym don’t dedicate all of your attention to one thing, give every part of your body what it deserves!


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