When to Carb Up Before a Workout

When to Carb Up Before a Workout

Carbohydrates are one of the best energy sources for your body. They enable you to run long distances, sprint faster, and endure grueling workouts. Studies has shown that large pre-workout carb intake can result in better performances for workout routines that last more than two hours. However eating carbs during exercise may also enhance your fitness results.

Small amounts of carbs during shorter, high-intensity workouts that may last from 45 to 60 minutes can also boost your fitness performance. Those carbs provide your body with extra loads of energy that help you be stronger and powerful at the end of a workout when your body’s running low on steam.

Although carb-packed snacks during workouts can help your endurance, it’s not a diet many experts recommend. They argue that “Unless you’re doing a marathon, there’s no need to eat during a workout.”

So, stick to consuming your carbs before your intensive workouts, like weight lifting, which can benefit from a pre-workout dose of carbs, but cardio workouts (think cycling, running, boxing) especially require carbs beforehand to deliver fast-burning energy to your muscles.

A good rule of thumb:

“Snack on healthy carb sources like fruits and whole grains about an hour prior to your sweat session.”
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