Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Do you exert a lot of effort in the gym, following a specific fitness program, however you can’t lose weight. The main factors of not losing weight are listed below:


1. Muscle weighs more than fat






Sometime when you’re building muscles, the number on the scale might not move, but your new shaped body should be the indication of improvement.


2. You’re Not as Strict as You Think You Are









You could be eating a lot more than you think, or not training enough.


3. You Love Your Workout Routine TOO Much









When you do the same workout in the gym over and over again, you will eventually be good at it, and that means you will stop burning more calories.


4. You’re Too Focused on That Scale

upset woman on scale










Sometimes it’s more successful to concentrate on your fitness program in the gym, and how to lose weight, than to focus on the number of pounds.

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