Why can’t I eat less than 1200 calorie on my diet?

1200 Calories

Many of us want to lose weight. We want to lose it fast, maybe because we have a special occasion coming up. We understand. However, under all circumstances, you should not be eating less than 1200 calorie per day. Why, you ask? Just keep reading.

When one cut drastically on his/her calorie intake, the metabolism rate naturally drops down. Our bodies are designed to save energy when our calorie intake is low so that it can survive longer. Your body doesn’t know that you are dieting. It can’t distinguish dieting from starvation. When you think about it, it is actually a blessing, not a curse. This is the main reason why you should keep your calorie intake not less than 1200. There is also the fact that, with less energy, you won’t be able to perform an important activity like exercising, which is very crucial for your weight loss journey.

low-calorie diet

If you want to lose weight, health professionals recommend cutting calories less drastically. 500 calories less every day helps you lose a pound per week. These are all general guidelines. When it comes to calorie intake per day, many factors determine how many you should eat, including gender and age. We recommend you visit a nutritionist to find your perfect plan.

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