Why gastric bypass should be your last resort

gastric bypass

For everyone who doesn’t know what the gastric bypass surgery is, gastric bypass is surgery that helps you lose weight in such a short period of time. The surgery changes how your stomach and small intestine handle food so that after having the surgery your stomach will be smaller and you will feel full with less food.

The surgery will change the course of the food you eat, it will no longer go into some parts of your stomach and small intestine that break down food, that’s why your body will not absorb all the calories from the food you eat.

Before going into such surgery you should know its risks!

Your body will no longer get its needed nutrients from food; you will have to spend the rest of life taking vitamins.

Also gastric bypass is a major surgery that has its risks; don’t think it’s the shortest and safest way to lose weight. Some of these risks are very serious. You should discuss these with your surgeon.

Risks for any surgery or anesthesia include:

  • Allergic reactions to medicines
  • Blood clots in the legs that may travel to your lungs
  • Blood loss
  • Breathing problems
  • Heart attack or stroke during or after surgery
  • Infection, including in the cut, lungs (pneumonia), bladder, or kidney

After recovering from the surgery, you won’t find your body ready to participate in the nextfashion runway show

Don’t get your hopes that high, because if you don’t have enough money to go into a series of plastic surgeries afterwards, you will find yourself left with massive amounts of sagging skin. The fat is gone, but all that skin that held it in place? It didn’t go anywhere.

This doesn’t mean that you should never have that surgery; it means that you should keep it your last resort. Going into a surgery isn’t that simple, being hospitalized isn’t the best thing to aim for.

What you can really do is to have a strong and persistent will to cut your weight down, make up your mind to stop living this way, change your life! The change you’re looking for no one will get it done for you. The change I’m talking about has to come from the deepest part inside you. In my opinion nothing is impossible if you really intended to stop the bad and unhealthy eating habits. Follow a diet plan for weight loss and workout, make this your lifestyle and trust me you will have nothing to regret.

Working out is as important as dieting they both complement each other, you should never ignore the importance of any.

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