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 It’s time to toss those Yoga pants aside and dress to kill for the gym….

 We all find comfort in the simplicity of our yoga pants in which to be honest most of us wear at home! However, it’s not easy working-out like a boss; what you wear usually reflects your personality, now it’s time to give those yoga pants of yours a break and update to athletic sportswear.

This season’s fashion trend leans toward chic & retro sportswear with bold colors & diverse patterns.The return of forgotten fitness clothing is definitely now back in style, unless you’re a rebellious gal like myself who wears whatever the hell they like when working out and in my world that’s usually shorts and a t-shirt.  A Sport’s bra under a mesh shirt with sports tights & a chic sports bag is definitely an eye catcher. Don’t be afraid to go wild with our outfit.  The more the colors are the trendier you’ll be.

Colors, colors, colors…. This season is not only patterns but also colors and what is the next most important item that would makes your gym outfit a total killer *Silence for suspense*SNEAKERS! Almost every woman’s biggest love in life is shoes, and your nifty colored sneakers is what you need to ease up your exercise; many top sportswear brands have developed new sophisticated technologies; that make your sneaker experience a killer comfort, making you feel like you never want to take them off! On the nostalgic trip that’s trending this season, superstar sneakers are back in town! I’m a big fan of those kickers so I’m super excited about that.


Remember always going to the gym requires that you dress into something comfortable that’s not restricting your movement and at the same time not too much layers. If you’re thinking leggings is the best choice, remember that some of them can make you feel like you’re skin is choking? Go for air cooled leggings with a long cut top and now you’re rocking an awesome outfit.

You can find trendy sportswear at a variety of stores in Egypt, including H&M, OR, Adidas, Nike, and more.



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