Yoga: Searching For The Right Vibe

Yoga or not

To Yoga or Not To Yoga?

After years of domestic travelling inside Egypt; finding myself and my vibe at the beautiful and most unique spot Ras Shitan in Southern Sina . . . I realized that there is a general misunderstanding of yoga and meditation and its benefits for both your body and your soul.

During one of my travels, I got to meet a bunch people and one of them is the person who made me realize the beauty of meditation and Yoga. Understand this, yoga both practices focus on relaxing your body and your mind…. Yet they both are somewhat different from my perspective. So that cool friend of mine started walking me slowly into understanding what my energy is, what is chakra and what meditation is. I was slowly paying attention to how I meditate without even knowing that I do.

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I also learned that meditation has many forms other than sitting with your eyes closed for an hour.  I found that I meditate best when I’m swimming; my head clears up of all the noise, I relax and just blend in with the water. I actually started understanding why I enjoy swimming so much. The thing is it keeps getting bigger it relates to your star signs and I won’t confuse you with all this mess right now, as I’m taking myself baby steps in it.

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So what I’d recommend for you is to get your groove on and start exploring Yoga and start taking trips inside your body, mind and your soul. It all is part of who you are, maybe you’ll be finding answers and maybe you’ll find yourself like I am. Share your Yoga & meditation experience with us!

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Stay Happy and Fit y’all.

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