Your ‘bring to the beach’ Sahel checklist

Sahel Bag

We worked hard all year to enjoy those Sahel days, right? We sure do deserve a nice break. To have a smooth and easy-going vacation, you need to pack right. You don’t need to be a packing-master for this. We will give you a simple list of things you might need for a summer to remember.

Swimming Suit

Need we say more? with that, you need to pack your beach towel and slippers as well.

Tanning Essentials

We gotta be ready for our summer tan. For that, Pack your sunblock, tanning oil, hat or a cap to protect you from the sun and your shades. You can check our previous article about some of the best tanning tips here.


For unstoppable selfies and summer body snaps, don’t forget your charger and power bank. Earphones are the perfect beach buddy, pack that as well.

A good book

If you enjoy reading by the beach, then you need to pack a new book. We recommend something light and fun. A novel, maybe?

Water Bottle

Swimming, playing, and running around would leave you extra thirsty. A water bottle on the beach is a must. Don’t forget to bring yours.

Healthy Snacks

Beach Snacks Main

We all need our beach snacks, right?

Fitness Equipment

Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean that you should skip your workout. Bring your equipment along to the beach. You can pack things like your matt, jumping rope, gloves, and kettlebell. You can also bring you rackets along.

Beach Bag

You’re now ready to hit Sahel. Don’t forget to take a stylish beach bag to hold all your stuff on the beach.

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