Your complete guide to choosing the perfect gym

Perfect Gym

There are a million gym options out there. These million options might look the same to you, after all, they all have the fitness equipment.  But if you look closely, they are different. How do you choose the right gym for you? We might be able to help you. Here are the criteria we think can help you choose that one perfect gym for you:



Lots of people fall into this trap. They come across a gym that they really like so they go ahead and join, even if the gym is away from where they live or work. With our traffic, if you choose to do this, you won’t have the energy to head to the gym. Actually, you will hate the gym and dread going there. Always keep that mind; your gym should be easily accessible to you. Find gym by location

Opening hours

24 Hours Gym

Whether you’re a student or an employee, you sure do have commitments throughout your day. Finding the gym that suits your schedule is a very important factor to consider. Remember that you are paying for a membership; you should be able to utilize their facilities and get a good workout. Find 24 Hours Gyms



How much do you want to allocate to your gym membership? Set your budget and start looking for places that fall within your expectations. If your gym is too expensive for you, you won’t have the financial energy to renew your membership when needed. The other thing that you need to consider is whether or not you can pay a little bit extra over your budget for a better facility. If you can then you are definitely making a good decision by not going to the worn-down gym. top fitness studio

Membership benefits

Gym Spa

When comparing prices, you have to consider the extra benefits as well. As a member, do you get to enjoy a free class every now and then? The sauna? What about a massage?

Best Spa in Cairo


Perfect Gym Classes

Equipment should be at the top of your list. Isn’t it the main service provided by the gym? They have to be safe and in great condition. Don’t feel shy asking to check out the facility before joining, maybe even try it. It’s your right. build your own Gym


Balance Gym - New Cairo

If they can’t take care of their facility, can they really take care of you? Ask yourself that question before you join a dirty gym. If not well maintained, a gym can contain all kinds of germs. Keep that in mind when choosing your gym. Find Gyms in new Cairo


Perfect Gym Ladies only

Is it a mixed gym? Do they have dedicated slots for ladies?  If you’re a woman, are you comfortable working out around men?  Are you looking for a gym to workout with your husband/wife? You have to ask. Find Ladies only Gyms


friendly gym staff

How do you like the atmosphere of the gym? do you like gyms with upbeat music, coaches shouting to motivate you? are you looking to be part of a community? or do you prefer a more quiet atmosphere, where you can just finish your workout in peace and go home? what is it that you like? look for the gym that matches your needs.

Our last advice to you is to really dedicate time to find the right gym for you. You don’t want to pay for a membership at the beginning of the year and just go there for a month.You want to try and stick around. It’s time you put your 2018 fitness goals in order and make them a reality.

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