Your Gym: A Vibrant Ladies’ Training And Recharging Haven

Your Gym Main

YOUR GYM’S ladies only branches ( Nasr City- New Cairo) offer ladies everything they need for their wellbeing and their bodies, in just one very vibrant place! Besides the variety of facilities and the professionality of the staff, YOUR GYM houses:

A Gym area

Your Gym New Cairo

Cardio, selection, free weights, and goals to achieve. The gym is equipped with everything you’ll need to get the body you ache for. Personal trainers and nutritionists are also there to tailor the perfect plan for you.

A Thai Spa

Your Gym - Spa

With all the spa services, baths, facials,  and massages, you should solemnly indulge yourself in relaxation!

A Beauty Salon

Your Gym

This one’s a save if you have an event right after your workout, you won’t need to take another stop, because your hair, nails, and face will be prettily covered!

A Restaurant

Your Gym

Food. Before workout, after workout, maybe between workout? At the pool, indoors, or at the pool bar. The restaurant serves both healthy choices, and yummy junks.

A Heated Pool

Your Gym

The heated pool is the workout place for aqua classes, swimming classes, aqua Zumba, aqua aerobics, aqua board classes, or just a solo splash and swim.

Classes Studio

Your Gym

Where all the group interests synchronize. From step Zumba, strong by Zumba, Tabata, body pump, body combat, body attack, Cx Worx, TRX, belly dancing, grit, Ichoreo, to yoga and Pilates….. and Bollywood dancing!

Kids Area

Your Gym

This little ones’ place offers a playground for waiting children, and dance classes ( Hip Hop-Ballet…etc) for the restless ones.Functional training and CrossFit area  And of course, multiple lockers and shower rooms areas.

  • Functional training and CrossFit area 
  • And of course, multiple lockers and shower rooms areas.
Your Gym
Your Gym

YOUR GYM’S environment defines comfort, and accessibility to your every luxury. The sense of humor of  “ Do not flush your hopes and dreams” is not everywhere to be found. No one will judge you if finish your workout and treat yourself with a pizza, or show up early, and drink your coffee while working in at the pool. Member or not, keep an open eye out for YOUR GYM’S very frequent events and parties, this place is stubborn about creating an active, dynamic, and lively atmosphere at every possible chance!

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