Your Summer Body Needs The Batman Fitness Challenge

Batman Challenge

We are all on a constant search for the easiest work-out, with the quickest result & less dieting as possible. I hate to break it to you ladies; there isn’t such a work-out.  Fortunately as fitness has become a trend, we are always seeing new “monthly challenges”, like the “30 Day Squat Challenge”, that can keep us on track and motivated enough.

As a ex-athlete working-out to me was always a piece of cake, in fact I liked working-out. But then there was college and then work & of course my insane passion toward cooking and food . . . long story short life happened.  I lost my amazing abs, which was the source of my confidence and pride, as you all can agree, who doesn’t love tight abs.  One day though, I came across an interesting work-out *wait for it* *drum rolls* The Batman Challenge!

Yes, the batman challenge a not an easy work out as it would seem to be at first, but from experience it truly is an effective one.  Each work-out session takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Simple enough right?  The awesome thing about it is that you can do it from home; the only equipment required is your body, motivation & determination! Each workout consists of 3 sets of two work-outs every day and BAM…. Amazing results!

In the Batman Challenge you’ve got  planks, climbers, push-ups, and squats on your plate with days off throughout the month of the challenge. When I decided to do it I tried to motivate myself with a group of friends. We were able to motivate each other every day, so that no one would fail the challenge. Here is what we discovered; it starts out seeming easy but gets tougher as you advance throughout the challenge. So 15 minutes of working out 6 days a week is not so bad, however, for better results here’s what I added to this awesome challenge;

Balanced meals, meaning cutting off bread, rice, pasta (Basically carbs that usually help to gain weight) and instead got my carbs from veggies (Potatoes are a great source of carbs!)

Add to that an ascending walking routine with an hour of swimming, or any routines exercise,

Finally, get ready to rock that Summer bikini body of yours!


Another tip for those who like me have a big appetite; grilled food rocks! The more grilled food you eat the better . . . Grilled chicken, steak, Potatoes, and sautéed vegetables.

Know this starving yourself will never help you lose weight… It harms your body more than it benefits it. The secret is finding your balance and understanding your body… Add more water and juice to your day diet and it will slowly cut down your nice ice cold fizzy drink cravings.

Finally do this challenge with friends as it will be more fun and more motivating.  Remember that consistency and variation in your work-out routine will always keep your body burning calories and fit, always start slowly to get better and long lasting results. I leave you with this amazing work out and don’t forget to email us your results!


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