Zeiad KAHIL: Rising Paralympic swimmer

Zeiad KAHIL Paralympic swimmer

Zeiad Kahil, a 20 years old business management student made Paralympic swimmer. Zeiad’s case was a difficult first one in the family. It was hard to know how to deal with difference, especially that Zeiad’s family were all serious, and handful of military persons. They had one too many doctor visits, who all agreed that his case is very complicated, his family however tried to gather up all the advice they got. All the doctors pointed towards the water, and so, Zeiad dived right in.

Rx: Water!

Zeiad KAHIL Paralympic swimmer

Water was the prescribes medication for Zeiad, one to help support his case. Swimming was very difficult at first. It was tough for him to float and even swim since his lower body lost all motion. The first turning point is when Zeiad made it successfully to a 50 meters swim! He started stepwise learning and applying different techniques, and progressively, improving.

In 2013, Zeiad joined the Paralympic championship in Egypt for the first time, and 4 years after, in 2017, he joined the national team! In 2017, the head coaches and the judges agreed that Zeiad is a good swimmer and with potential that can accomplish success. “I got a lower score, and the judges agreed that this was the farthest I can go.”

A fraction of a second to world Paralympics

Zeiad KAHIL Paralympic swimmer

“I was raised to keep trying and to disregard the possibility of the impossible.” Zeiad continued to practice, 9 times a week, 6 swimming classes and 3 fitness practices to support his swimming program. Zeiad joined competitions in Germany then Glasgow. “I was a fraction of a second away.” The world record standard luckily changed in my favor.” I qualified for the world Paralympic championship in London.” Zeiad achieved a 200-meter freestyle, 100-meter breaststroke swim, and a 50-backstroke swim.

Me vs Me

Zeiad KAHIL Paralympic swimmer

“I always put myself as my own competition, we have goals as standards to become better, and targets as achievements; not people or competitors. You need to try and to take on the full experience. it’s okay to fall down throughout the journey, successful people aim to exert full effort, and there is always more to do. I keep practicing until I get it right, and once its right I try the next step too and on and on. No one will clap for you all the time, you need to surround yourself with body and mind motivation, fitness and yoga.”

“Nothing is out of reach. Don’t fear failing, keep your little daily habits successful and it will take you through progress to your goal. You need to be more consistent and persistent. Your own power is you. You will not always get the support you need, so be it!”

Let’s all wish Zeiad the best of luck in the Summer 2021 London Paralympics and Tokyo 2021 games in Berlin!

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