9 things you should eat immediately before sleeping


Many advise you to avoid eating before bedtime. But few will advise you that eating certain foods can help you sleep well which contributes to weight loss and your overall body’s health. Going to sleep hungry has its disadvantages too because this makes you binge on a lot of food, specifically unhealthy, when you wake up.

Again it’s all about what you eat. We got you some foods that are recommended to be taken before sleeping.



One of the richest foods in magnesium and potassium which work as muscle relaxants, thus aid in sleeping.



It has endless benefits if you took before sleeping. Yogurt prevents indigestion and heartburn and as cereals, it also contains tryptophan. Moreover, if you added a squeeze of lemon to it, it would make you lose weight.


This is because it contains lactucarium which has sedative properties so it helps the brain to rest.


a spoon of honey

No need to fear from the inclusion of sugar because it’s natural sugar that needed before sleep to raise insulin, and therefore allows tryptophan to enter the brain easily.

5.Cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese

Tryptophan is always the secret word. Cottage cheese also contains it and it is one of the famous foods when it comes to low fat, so it is a perfect combination for a bedtime snack.

6.Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea

Stress is the thing we all share hindering us from sleeping well. Chamomile tea is stress relieving drink because it contains glycine, a chemical that relaxes nerves and muscles.

7. Low-sugar, whole-grain cereal

Those are the 2 conditions to have it before bed as you don’t want it to help you sleep but with extra unwanted calories. They contain tryptophan which helps in producing serotonin, that in turn, promotes sleeping. Moreover, it’s filling but easy to digest at the same time.



Tuna is one of the very rich kinds of fish in vitamin B6 which helps the body not only to produce serotonin, but also melatonin. It’s a very good meal before sleeping, and as yogurt if you added a squeeze of lemon to it, it will help in weight loss.


They are rich in melatonin and raise the blood sugar, so you fall asleep.

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